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Working out to your own beat… made simple and understandable through heart rate training


As fitness professionals, heart rate monitors have become our prized possession to understand and track fitness goals for ourselves and our clients.

No matter what your fitness goals are, the best way to achieve them is to train at the right intensity - better results, personal motivation, sufficient recovery and a trackable fitness routine.

We wanted to bring that aspect of training to anyone out there that may seek the same instant response measurement tool.

Personally, we believe that Suunto is the best product available, and have built this simple site to provide a quick and easy way to purchase your first/next/best heart rate monitor.

Here is a simple chart to understand intensity levels. What is missing is your personal "max" (the highest bpm (beats per minute) that you've ever seen on your monitor when you feel like you just sprinted away from a shark attack...) to then understand the % zones below:

90-100 % Maximal – for maximum performance and ability to push limits e.g. peak intensity intervals
80-90 % Very hard – for improving fitness level quickly and effectively e.g. high intensity interval training
70-80% Hard – for improving fitness level and endurance e.g. endurance workouts.
60-70 % Moderate – for improving base endurance e.g. long duration exercise and for weight loss.
> 60 % Easy – for recovery e.g. warm up, cool down and recovery training.

This site is geared to be simple, offer a place to evaluate and obtain the best Suunto product for your needs, and deliver that to your door!

Enjoy working out to your own beat!


Trainers/instructors/enthusiasts: Workout Dragon is building a small community of like minded people who want to benefit from promoting heart rate training. If you are interested in learning more, please email: workoutdragons@gmail.com

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